Frequently asked questions

What is the difference with JS Photography?

When choosing JS Photography you are getting something different than every other photographer. We have 2 photographers at every session, we strive to give the best enviroment at every session. Our main priority isn't just the best photographers but also to make you feel at home, the best pictures are always the ones that show your true happiness!

What happens when you do book with us?

We are here for every step of the way. If you book a week or a year in advance with us we always make sure we have the perfect plan for your session. We start out intially talking with you and your family and seeing what you want from your session. From there we set up a Pintrest board so we can have ideas of what you want and we can make them your own photos tho. We don't want your pictures like every other picture on the internet, we want them to be something different that you absolutely love. After the pintrest board about a week out we will get in touch with you again to verify times, location, and exactly what you want for your session! We are always here to answer your questions the whole entire time.

How do we pay for our session?

When you are paying for your session we will send an invoice to your email. We have you put down a 50$ deposit just to hold your session time and date. The down deposit is non refundable, if something does come up tho there is no charge to reschedule. We understand the craiziness of every day life and don't want to add to your stress! At the day of your session we ask to have the full payment paid unless you have selected a payment plan with us.

What payment plans do you have?

The payment plans we offer are to your needs! We want everyone that can to have the session of their dreams, with that we offer many different options. Every payment plan is based off your needs and ability to pay, again we aren't here to make your life more stressful we just want to give you the perfect session on your terms!

How/when do we get our pictures?

We offer a fully digital gallery for you and your family to enjoy. The gallery will be password protected for you to choose who can see the pictures from your session. It will take us about 3-5 days for you to get your images. Once you recieve them though, you can get them printed how you want our have us get discounted prints for you!

I have more questions!

Let us know if you do have any other questions, email us at and we will get back to you and make sure you have all your questions answered. We really look forward to talking and booking with your family for your next amazing session with us!